Annual Examinations and vaccines
•Non-adjuvented vaccines to decrease the chance of fibrosarcomas (cancerous tumors)
•Transdermal leukemia vaccine
•Vaccination schedule individually tailored to best fit your cat's lifestyle
•We follow the American Association of Feline Practitioners' protocol for vaccination recommendations

Allergy Testing

Behavior Consultations

•Cats must be current on vaccinations
•Cats must also be free of fleas

Breed Counseling

•Ultrasonic cleaning and polishing
•Extractions when medically necessary
•Information on oral hygiene care for home use

Diet Counseling and Recommendations
•Prescription diets carried here in order to maintain your cat in the best health possible
•Specific caloric needs can be addressed in order to keep your cat at his or her ideal weight

Hospitalization for critical patients
•Intravenous fluid therapy
•Oxygen therapy

Laboratory Services
•In house testing for FeLV/FIV status; kidney, liver and thyroid function; urinalysis
•All other tests sent to an outside lab with results usually available in 24-48 hours (depending on tests submitted)

Prescription Diets
•Hills Prescription Diets
•Iams Intestinal Diets
•Royal Canin Veterinary Diets

•On site development

Referrals to Board Certified Specialists

Senior Cat Care
·We pride ourselves on the diagnosis and treatment of the wide array of ailments that can occur in our senior patients.

•Routine spays/neuters
•Dental cleanings
•Soft tissue surgeries